Corps Linea by Boryana Petkova
CorLinea, installation vue,L’arbre de Darwin, FRAC Limousin, 2019 credit photo: Fréderique Arvil

COR 2 by Boryana Petkova



porcelain, light, drawings –pencil on paper

dimension of each porcelain plate – 45x45cm

dimensions of the drawings – 140x150cm each one

Connect the two halves of the human body – the left side linked to emotions and the right side linked to the rational, in order to put them in an equilibrium. Two drawings of the « false twins » are made, one with the left hand and one with the right hand. Two porcelain plates, as a handprint, connect the lines of both hands – left and right.

contemporary drawing, boryana petkova, poush manifesto, dessin contemporain, art contemporain
Diptyque Corlinea, 150x280cm, pencil on canvas paper, 2018, credit photo Deyan Parouchev
Drawing with the right hand, pencil on paper, 150x140cm

Corlinea, installation view, L’arbre de Darwin, Frac Limousin, 2018