pass it on

boryana petkova, contemporary art, sculpture, performance
Pass it on concret, metal, shirt, hand cream, installation view, exhibition Spit it out, curated by Chloé Bonnie More, Studio 10, Paris 2021
Pass it on concret, metal, shirt, hand cream, installation view, exhibition Roots curated by Nadejda Djakova, Arsenal, Museum of contemporary art, Sofia, 2021

Brick wall is hiding an arm made of concrete. We must look closer to notice the broken finger attached to the hand. The finger turned towards the wall symbolises the hardness of self-judgement. From her past, Boryana Petkova has experienced such strong critics about her work and feminity, that she starts wondering who can judge and who can be judged ?

« The prerequisite for this form of judgment is not a highly developed intelligence or great sophistication in moral affairs, it is rather the disposition to live explicitly with oneself, to have a relationship with oneself, that is, to be engaged in that silent dialogue between myself and myself which, since Socrates and Plato, we generally call thinking. This form of thinking, though at the root of all philosophical thinking, is not technical and does not concern theoretical problems. The dividing line between those who want to think and therefore must judge for themselves, and the others transcends all social, cultural or educational differences. »[1]

This faculty of judgement explored by Arendt in the last decade of her life is highlighting questions of moral and the ambiguous notion of truth.

Together, the installation of videos and sculptures question the link between language, translation and judgement.

Chloe Bonnie More curatrice

Hannah Arendt, Responsabilité et jugement, Édition Payot & Rivages, 2009, p47.