vertical steps

Vertical steps

Sound installation, 2018

Project in collaboration with the composer Andre Serre Milan

Electronic music that starts from concrete sound recordings looping in the exhibition space.

Go up and down the stairs of the gallery space. The whole is available as a form of physical analysis of the drawn drawing space heard. Once structured and merged, the sounds of the steps form a path where you never know if the direction is the ascent or the descent.


André Serre-Milan réalised one chorégraphie of sound. The music is spatialized in octophony on the 4 floors of gallery: 8 independent sound tracks, for 8 speakers, 2 per floor, form a single partition controlled from a computer. This technique of writing and musical diffusion, the octophony (heritage of the practice of electronics since 1948) allows us to experience musically the architecture from bottom to top and 360 ° Musical sources on each floor, synchronizations to symbolize a spatialization at 360 ° and in height: the steps go up and down the floors, the drawing is stabilized at a point … any scenario is possible. For the audience, the perception of music will vary according to their listening location and their movements.