2013-2015 MA of Arts, Fine Art school in Valenciennes, France

2007-2011 MA of Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria



Icy water burnt my throat  RigLab, Migennes

Hyperdrawing duo show with Katrin Strobel, curated by Joana Neves FRAC PICARDIE, Amiens

Can you see the black cloud ? duo show avec Olga Sabko, curated by Chloé Bonnie More, Ilian Rebei gallery, Paris


Pinned dreams Brigitte March gallery, Stuttgart

Spit it out! curated by Chloé Bonnie More, Studio 10, Paris, 2021


Craving Nothing with Michail Michailov, curated by Maria Vassileva Structura Gallery,  Sofia


Mutuus with Cedric Estrillo, Museum of Fines Arts in Mulhouse, France


H220cm curated by Irina Batkova, Plus359 Gallery, Sofia

Written(not)said curated by Daniela Radeva, Contemporary space, Varna



DANGEREUSE BEAUTY, croup show, curated by Stefan Ivanov, Burgas

VOCI IMANE group show, Plateau urbain, Paris

Hyperdrawing, Drawing now art fair, curated by Joana Neves, Paris, France

Emotions are facts, group show curated by Chloé Bonnie More, NOSBAUM REDING, Luxembourg

Gulliver’s sketchbook, group show, curated by Ludwig Seyfarth, KAI 10 Arthena Foundation , Dusseldorf

ARTAIS Sono gallery, Paris

Cable I don’t have the knife to cut duo show with Sarah Jones, curator Alexandre Colliex, Poush, Clichy


Les Rélévateurs curated by Anael Pigeat & Yvannoé Kruger, gallery Christian Berst art brut, Paris

Inter-Section  curated by  Yvannoé Kruger, Poush, Clichy

Avalanche curated by  Andy Rankin and Nelson Pernisco, Pal Project, Paris

Roots  Aresnal Museum of Contemporary Art, Sofia

Moving images, Moving bodies curator Ludwig Seyfarth, Goethe Institut, Sofia

BEATUS curated by Lisa Boostany, Poush Manifesto, Clichy, France

Worst Case Scenario curated by Chloé Bonnie More, Paris

To collect contemporary art privet collection of Vladimir Illiev, National gallery, Sofia

Herbarium collection Arsenal, museum of contemporary art, Sofia

White exhibition group show curated by Iskra Blagoeva,One Gallery, Sofia


Exhibition of the nominated artists for Baza award 2020, Sofia City Gallery 

Radical formal analyse curator Peter Tcanev, Plus359 gallery, Sofia


FINALE, Gaudenz Ruf award, Structura Gallery, Bulgaria

Formes Vivants curator Jean Charles Hameau, National Museum Adrien Debouché , France


Let them draw curator Pravdolub Ivanov,  Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv Polyphonia curator Frans Oosterhof, Goethe Institut, Sofia

Biennale de la jeune création Mulhouse, France

Salon de dessin 6B curated by Marie Gautier et Claire Luna, Saint Denis

ARTstart, Goethe Institut, Sofia


BAZA  award for contemporary art, 2016, Sofia city gallery


Drawing Prize, Pierre David-Weill  Palais de l’Institut Français, Paris

A3 curator Jean Pierre Housquinet, Centre d’art Juvenal, Belgique


2020    Nomination  Baza award for contemporary art, Sofia, Bulgarie

2019    Gaudenz Ruf Award for bulgarian contemporary art

2016    Nomination – Baza award for contemporary art, Sofia, Bulgarie

2015    Prix  «Pierre David-Weill» , Académie des Beaux-Arts, Institut de France

2013    Prix, COW FESTIVAL,  Ukraine


2020/2021     POUSH residency

2017    Workshop CIAV, Meisenthal

2015/2016     Résidency  Cité Internationale d’Arts, Paris


2022 Catalogue Gulliver’s Sketchbook, kai10 Arthena Foundation

2022 ARTAIS revue d’art contemporaine, article by Maya Sachweh

2021 Catalogue Les relevateurs, Christian Berst gallery

2020 Boryana Petkova, Between you and yourself, first publication

2020   Catalogue Formes vivantes, National Museum Adrien Debouché

2019   NOTABENE -Contemporary Transformations of drawing in the work                of Boryana Petkova, texte de Nora Goleshevska

2015   Publication de l’institut de France, Séance Solennelle,

           Académie des Beaux-Arts, Institut de France

2015   Catalogue,  biennale de Cachan

2014   Catalogue of the exhibition  Trélon, Charleville & Glageon, 

           Atelier de verre, Trelon