« The longest travel you will ever have to make in your life is the sacred journey from your head to your heart »   Sioux 

boryana petkova, contemporary art, performance
HeadHeart knife serrations with heart’s beat, copper, 37x2x1,5cm 2023

I « draw »very slowly on my body using a copper tool,  a line that starts at heart level and goes to head level. I repeat this gesture several times so that a red line appears on my skin and connects these two points – one of feelings and the other of reason.
Once the line is done the performance continue until the complete disappearance of this same line. The duration of the performance will therefore be between 1 and 2 days. A film will record both visual and sound traces.
The performance mix simplicity and effort, caress and pain, but above all the video show the ephemeral nature of this link between reason and feelings.

I reproduced the line I drew on my body in large scale on the floor of the museum. The line takes the form of a path that everyone can take
That people can physically walk from one end to the other – from heart to head. This large line on the ground is made with copper sheets, so it is also ephemeral. It will slowly fade with the passage of people.

boryana petkova, performance
HeadHeart live perfromance, exhibition Contact zone,
Poush, 2023

sound line
HeadHeart installation view, International Museum of Modest Arts , Sète, 2023
HeadHeart preparatory drawings