link (up/down)

Link (up-down) dual channel video installation, glass, ehxibition Mutuus, Fine Arts Museum, Mulhouse, France, 2019
credit photo: Sebastien Bozon

A piece of glass, is stretched horizontally. On each side of this glass line, two screens in symmetry broadcast two « hands-handcuffs », one on each screen, that the glass object connects. Two people shot off camera in a frantic dialogue. Both hands in close-up are trying to draw. Two thoughts in action try to communicate. Two hands, two thoughts sometimes in synchrony, sometimes in arrhythmia, sometimes together, sometimes against, sometimes against their will. In this movement of pendulum, the two people seek to coordinate, to avoid breaking, or so, to provoke. The forces cancel each other out, the forces are tenfold. Resist, submit. Impose, abdicate.

Link object by Boryana Petkova
glass object dimensions 100x2200x20mm
Link (up/down) performatif drawing 200x500cm pencil on paper
Link up/down, detail

Link, drawing detail